Our mobile detailing unit services Carson, El Segundo, Gardena, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, San Pedro, & Torrance

If you believe in protecting your automotive investment and increasing it's resell value, all while enjoying a pristine driving experience ...

Let South Bay Detailing Show You How to Increase Your Resale Value & Protect Your Automotive, Aircraft, and Marine Investments!

Only about 15% of car and truck owners have their vehicles detailed on a regular basis. If you are missing out on the luxurious benefits of routine detailing, you probably need more information!

Detailing and paint correction are cost-effective ways to drive an exquisitely clean, safe, “like-new” vehicle all the time!

We begin with a warm, sudsy hand wash with Kike inspecting every inch of your car's paint surface, and providing a FREE Paint Assessment so he can make recommendations on how to correct and protect your vehicles against environmental contaminants, scratches, swirls, streaks, water spots, and oxidation - anything that threatens your car shine.

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Our Recent Work with the South Bay-area Fire Department

South Detailing is one of those rare detailers who enjoys BIG, special projects like fleet delivery trucks, and civic, law enforcement, and emergency management vehicles. We recently helped the South Bay-area fire department spruce up all of their vehicles!

  • Paul J
    I read about Kike and South Bay Mobile Detailing in the Daily Breeze in April 2016. I had just purchased a new GMC Denali pick up truck and wanted to take good care of it from the start. After receiving his quote, he came out the following Saturday morning. Kike uses high end products and has the skills/training to really improve your vehicles condition. They worked on it about 4 hours and it turned out absolutely beautiful. He recommended that I have the truck detailed about every 5-6 months since it is not stored in the garage. I am now on his schedule for future service and he will contact me to schedule the next detail on time.You won't be disappointed by selecting Kike and South Bay Mobile Detailing to care for your vehicles!
    Paul J
    5-Star Yelp Review
  • Lupe M
    Kike and his team are the best!!! They showed up on time and were very courteous to my request. I was a little concerned about the price but absolutely no regrets once I saw the finished product - my car was immaculate, looked brand new. Highly recommend!
    Lupe M
    5-Star Yelp Review
  • Todd V
    I've been thru 3 great mobile retailers before I was told Kike was the best around. Since I have a stable of cars ranging from 1940s American classics, 1950s Lemans, 1960s Porsches, 1980s Porsche, Benz, and my daily drivers, it was time to actually find out if Kike is the 6 star crew!All these 5 star reviews are right on. Kike and his crew take the time, know the techniques and even the tricks. Yes, tricks really pay off when you have haze, scratches, or color needs, and we saw the first 3 cars completed and we were beyond mesmerized. Each car looked excellent and stunning. Even the engine banks and surfaces.Let me sum this up: Kike took the time, all the time, to make the cars show quality at a lower price than my previous crews. Kike is the best! He is busy and it's good to give him some flex on start times. Not that he isn't on time, he is. But like my cars, he spent extra time beyond what we expected.More cars are in line Kike ....
    Todd V
    5-Star Yelp Review
  • Randy G
    Kike and his crew did a wash, clay and polish in under a few hours right in my driveway. For a busy professional with kids his service is invaluable! We'll be using them on a regular basis!
    Randy G
    5-Star Yelp Review
  • Marion T
    Kike arrived on-time to do his job, and he did an awesome job on my car. He even improved a couple of extra details on my car that I didn't have to pay for. Kike is very passionate with his job and he is 100% recommended!
    Marion T
    5-Star Yelp Review
  • David A
    This man is the real deal. He did one hell of a job on my car. The level of detail and attention he did on the interior/exterior detailing of my car was impressive. Having moved back for the summer from Chico, I needed to detail my car to take out all of the water stains/dirt/sap that accumulated on the paint over the past year. Kike left my car looking newer than when I bought it two years ago. I would definitely use him again and he is a very hard, honest worker that did not cut corners.
    David A
    5-Star YelpReview
  • Kymberly S
    I contacted Kike after my well-intentioned father had taken some polish to our newly purchased vehicle that resulted in a large awful dull spot in the paint. Kike was quick to respond, coming out to take a look and provide an estimate. The quoted price seemed quite fair and I found Kike to be honest, courteous, and diligent in his attention to detail. We booked him and I must say I'm so thrilled with the job he and his team did on our vehicle! South Bay Mobile Detailing did not disappoint! There is no longer a dull spot and many of the small scratches that stood out to my discerning eye are almost undetectable. It looks amazing! Bottom line, these guys are hard working professionals and do a stellar job. I'd recommend and use them again in a heartbeat!
    Kymberly S
    5-Star Yelp Review
  • Marion T
    I have only good words to describe my experience with South Bay Mobile Detailing, from the very first contact Kike was very professional, replied to my messages the same day, then we set an appointment to get a formal quote and the price he gave me was fair, so I decided to have him doing the paint correction my car needed.
    Marion T
    5-Star Yep Review
  • Justin J
    I contacted Kike after I read all of the reviews on Yelp, and man are they spot on!! He did an amazing and thorough job on my Toyota Highlander. It basically looks like new, even after five years, two small children, a German shepherd and multiple cross country road trips. He was able to remove many stains I thought were permanent, as well as all of the dog hair from the back of the car. I'm so pleased and impressed with his work, and highly HIGHLY recommend him!
    Justin J
    5-Star Yelp Review
  • Jackie K
    Miracle workers! Prompt, professional & courteous throughout the whole process. Long story short, a friend's car needed detailing. Dirt & grime caked on everywhere. These guys worked diligently and scrubbed the inside & outside of her car to make it look brand new! I highly recommend them and would use them again in a heartbeat!
    Jackie K
    5-Star Yelp Review